Covid-19 patients with severe courses of disease often need respiratory aids, sometimes even ventilators, to survive. The PV1000 provides both.

Hardly any country in the world is prepared for a future, possibly larger pandemic wave with high patient numbers. In some developing countries, there are only a few ventilators and ventilator devices, and thousands of devices are already missing. 

No, the AC4Health gUG is a non-profit organization that wants to help in these difficult and troubled times.

No, the AC4Health gUG produces simple devices very cheaply, which will be used worldwide. 

In Project progress the current status of the project is shown.

For the first five devices, which we need for the quality check, the funds of 25.000€ are going to be collected, now.

In order to take the step to mass production, 50 devices will then be built in order to be able to identify and eliminate potential problems in series production. For this important step we will need 300.000 € including the necessary tools.

Only after this and if necessary, the financing of 1000 devices will follow, for which we currently estimate about 2-3 million €.

No, not yet. A regular approval usually takes years. Instead, we are aiming for a country-specific special approval taking into account the published specifications of the US and UK authorities in the event of a pandemic.

Hopefully not. The AC4Health gUG therefore also creates an alternative to the oversupply of expensive devices that are blindly ordered in stock.  After testing, our devices can be produced quickly and inexpensively – if necessary. 

More than 90 % are procurement costs for the individual components of the ventilators or costs for preparing the production. More detailed information is available on request in a supplement to the investment costs.

Yes, it begins with the commitment of the investment and continues over several parallel process steps until delivery approx. eight months later. A detailed time schedule is available on request.